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The solutions available from Vetoquinol UK Ltd dedicated to support livestock health include:

The most extensive set of livestock health data giving a complete view of the farm potential.

  • Multiple external sources of information integrated with internal data and client details from the Practice Management System (PMS)
  • Efficient collation of farm facts and figures
  • Everyday engagement with clients
  • Evidence based decision-making
  • Effective communication of service & value

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A non-antibiotic, weather resistant, protective barrier spray that creates a fine mist of aluminium on the surface of the skin whilst allowing the wound to breath to promote optimal healing. It can be used on all domestic species. Click here for more info

A once daily, oral, nutritional supplement aimed at reducing the risk of and aiding the recuperation from ketosis in dairy cows, ewes and does. Ceto Phyton contains monopropylene glycol, niacin, sodium propionate and Silybum marianum. Click here for more info

A unique formulation of quality live yeast, vitamins, minerals and milk powder. It provides support at times of risk of, and in the recovery from any gut insult. Click here for more info

A dual slide diagnostic culture for mild-moderate clinical mastitus to enable easy identification of Gram-positve and Gram-negative bacteria within 8-24 hours. Click here for more info


For more details on other products & information please refer to the respective data sheets:

Dolethal Injection
Folltropin Powder Injection
Marbocyl 10% Inj
Marbocyl 2%
Xylapan Inj